Behind those that began the work long ago, I go. I am like those who, at the end of the day, dart about quickly in the harvesting of the grain and then in the gathering of the grapes. My gaze is befitting a poor man. My intellectual curiosity has been humbled. I am inadequate. I’m like an ant picking grapes from the vine after the reapers. I will recall ears of corn that were forgotten. Like the scavenger dog of the slave that waits at the table, I pick up the crumbs that fell from the banquet of the Fathers—an abundant spread where nothing was missing and nothing ran out. Like a bee gathering honey in their meadow, if I carry off the nectar of a fragrant flower, I will place it in this vessel here and present it—through you—for the pleasure of those that rightfully desire and partake in good things. ~St Anastasios of Sinai


Jonathan Hill is a layman and choir director in the Western Diocese of North America, ROCOR